family owned and operated by the Marden family for 50 years.



  • Where are all the Marden’s Located?
    Marden’s stores can be found in Biddeford, Sanford, Scarborough, Gray, Lewiston, Waterville, Brewer, Lincoln, Calais, Houlton, Ellsworth, Presque Isle and most recently Rumford and Madawaska.
  • What Exactly Is Marden’s?
    Marden’s is a chain of retail stores located throughout the state of Maine. Marden’s locates and purchases overstocks, closeouts, insurance losses, salvage deals, discontinued items, and other deals across the country and sells them at discounted prices.
  • Is everything in the store damaged?
    Absolutely not. Marden’s gets most of its merchandise direct from the manufacturer by purchasing prior years models, overstocks, closeouts, and discontinued items. Although some items may have slight damage, the only thing substandard is our price. Marden’s also has a money back guarantee.
  • Do all the locations have the same items?
    No, some locations may receive more or less of an item, or not receive an item at all depending upon what sells best at each location or the quantity purchased.
  • How often does Marden’s get new items?
    Each store’s inventory changes daily, and new shipments come in on a weekly basis.
  • How does Marden’s acquire the merchandise it sells?
    The buyers for Marden’s search the country for deals that come from insurance losses, closeouts, overstocks, discontinued items, factory seconds, and salvage items from natural disasters. Our buyers bid on each stock in a sealed bid process similar to a silent auction, and if the bid is won the merchandise is shipped to our warehouses, processed and then distributed to the stores.
  • Which store locations are full-service stores?
    General merchandise, Fabric, Shoes, Flooring, Clothing, Hardware and Furniture are carried in our Brewer, Scarborough, Calais, Gray, Lewiston, Lincoln, Sanford and Waterville locations. Some of these locations, however, may carry a limited amount of these products.
  • Does Marden’s offer online sales?
    We are often asked why we do not offer sales through our website, or why customers cannot browse our great deals online.

    The vast majority of the bargains in our stores are one-time-only deals, and our inventory selection is constantly changing.

    For the past 50 years we have tried to bring our customers the best deals we can find. Because of the unique way we acquire our merchandise; limited quantities, special circumstances and restrictions, it is our belief that selling within our stores is the best way to pass the bargains on to you.
  • Does Marden’s ship its merchandise to the customer?
    Since Marden’s has a “cash and carry” policy, it does not ship to customers. The customer, at their expense, may arrange to have his purchase shipped.
  • What is Marden’s check cashing policy?
    Marden’s is pleased to accept personal checks for the exact amount of the purchase. To pay by check, one is required to: Make the check payable to Marden’s, show a picture ID such as a valid driver’s license or state issued ID, and present a check that has been imprinted by a bank with the customer’s name. Marden’s reserves the right to assess a service charge and to electronically present a check for payment should the check be dishonored.
  • What is Marden’s return policy?
    Marden’s has a 30 day ‘No Fuss’ money-back guarantee, providing the customer has the original receipt. In the event that the customer does not have the original receipt Marden’s may issue a Merchandise Credit in the amount of Marden’s current price. All merchandise must be returned in its original condition. Shoes MUST be returned unworn! Refunds on purchases paid by check will not be made until the check has cleared the bank.
  • If I’m from an area that doesn’t pay sales tax and I shop at Marden’s, do I still have to pay Maine’s sales tax?
    All customers, regardless of where they reside, are required to pay sales tax on items deemed taxable by the Maine Department of Revenue. Purchases for re-sale, purchases by exempt organizations and goods shipped out of state by Common Carrier may be exempt from sales tax. The customer is advised to contact the location’s Complex Manager for rules and regulations.
  • What is your exchange rate if I want to use Canadian currency to make my purchase?
    Marden’s values its Canadian customers and in no way will use the exchange rate as a means of profit. It is Marden’s policy to apply the prevailing rates as set by the International Currency Exchange of Canada on purchases made with Canadian currency.
  • Does Marden’s offer gift certificates?
    Yes, gift certificates are available at all locations in any desired denomination.
  • Does Governor Lepage own, or have any stake in Marden’s?
    No. Marden’s is wholly owned by the Marden family. Governor Lepage worked for the Marden family as the GM of Marden’s from 1996 through 2010. He never did, and does not now, own any part of the company.
  • Wondering where the Marden’s Lady went?
    In January of 2013, Marden’s made a decision to stop doing generic TV advertising in order to provide information on deals, products and prices direct to our customers through our website, facebook, e-mail and twitter.
    If we do decide to go on TV in the future, our focus will continue to be on the low prices and the great products we have at our 14 Maine Stores.



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